At BBW we want you to have access to a variety of wellness resources. From Message Therapy, to Infrared Saunas, to organic spray tans. We want to help you maintain your wellness balance.


mPulse 3-in-1® Infrared Sauna

A sauna so smart, it’s brilliant. The mPulse® Series is the only line of smart full spectrum infrared saunas in the world with full-spectrum – near, mid or far – infrared sauna technology.

  • Full-spectrum IR technology

  • Customizable heaters

  • Preset health programs

  • LCD touch-screen control panel

  • Five mPulse Infrared Sauna Models Available



Fluorescence biomodulation is a form of photobiomodulation, which utilizes fluorescence energy to induce multiple transduction pathways that can modulate biological processes through the activation of photoacceptors found within many different cell and tissue types. Biomodulation improves tissue repair, reduces pain and inflammation wherever the beam is applied.


Infrared Soqi Bed

The SOQI Bed is the ultimate Far Infrared sauna, a total health and natural healing spa - consisting of three Far Infrared Domes and one Sun Ancon Chi Machine - built to lock down onto their own specially designed massage table bed.


Message Therapy

Relieve stress, improve circulation, manage pain, and relax your muscles with message therapy.




Acupressure works by targeting certain pressure points on the body with steady force (acupuncture uses a needle, while acupressure uses fingers) and is thought in Chinese medicine to be a way of regulating bodily energy, aiding disease healing and helping health.


Eat Clean Meals

You don’t have to sacrifice your health when you have a busy schedule. Get on-the-go Eat Clean Meals that are ready to eat and catered to your health and wellness goals.