Marie’s Story


It all started when…

My body was showing strange symptoms, some of which were severe. I ran hot if the temp was over 80 degrees, and my body became inflamed. I could not function, and the heat physically hurt.

There was a point where I could hardly get out of bed and I felt like I had hit the wall. I went to get blood tests, where they found that my iron levels were dangerously low. Even after iron infusions and iron supplements, my body would not retain iron.

From there I began to focus solely on my digestive system. After I was diagnosed with Celiac, I committed to being completely gluten free. After three full days without gluten, I felt extreme relief. My joints were far less swollen and my stomach was far less bloated. After four weeks without gluten, I had lost 15 pounds—of what I would call—inflammation.

Even though I felt like I was on the right track, I was still iron deficient. My B12 and iron levels continued to be extremely low even through the infusions and supplements.

That’s when I chose to complete a Whole30. Dairy had to go and I needed help being held accountable. Whole30 is all about reading labels. Once you understand what you can and cannot have, it's your job for 30 days to check the label of everything you're consuming to ensure it doesn't have any of those forbidden ingredients. Whole30 came into my life when I needed it most. It has changed my relationship with food and myself. Sure, I'll allow myself the occasional meal out where I don't have to inquire what kind of butter the chef used, and I may indulge every now and again. However, this is my new lifestyle. My diet is not perfect, but it is improving by the day.

A little note on “Self-Care”:

Self-care defined: “preserve or improve one’s own health.”

Self care means knowing who you are and knowing your limits. It means recognizing when you are doing more than your body will allow and trying to figure out what can be done preserve your health. Self care also means getting the sleep you need and knowing how to rest. Making a serious effort to make that happen, as well as knowing how to rest your body and your mind are essential.

What is my self-care? Yoga, breathing, sauna sessions, morning sunlight, sitting in a forest in the dirt, and buying myself flowers.

Wellness is a long and never-ending road. It is a BALANCE. You have to figure out what works for you.

All my blood levels that were out of wack, are to back to normal. I am infusion and B12 shot free for over six months. I am not cured, but I am headed in the right direction.

I am here to help and encourage others on there journey. It’s not a quick fix, or 12 step program, its a journey. I’d love to know you and your journey, so let’s chat.